Been driving since Dec 2016

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Been driving since Dec 2016

Post by Josephm on Sat May 27, 2017 9:16 am

Hi all, my name is Joseph and I am a driver here in Kingston Ontario. It has been a pretty good experience so far, the people seem to really like the service over the cabs which they tell my horror stories about. The people I pick up seem to be very nice. I can only really think of one time I had a very rude costomer, I was picking up my passenger at a house party, and after they all piled in my car I noticed that there was an extra person with no seatbelt, I then told the customer I could not go because there was too many people in my car, then one person decided that she was the person out, she then proceeded to raise her voice, then open the door and slammed it on her way out. The day after I noticed a scratch on the top of my car and on my window. This was the only time I really had an issue picking up Riders because alcohol was involved. My rating is 4.91 with over 750 5-star ratings.


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